baby-grimacing_i-G-49-4913-PXJ9G00ZLast night I was watching a segment on 60 minutes featuring David Kelley, the founder of IDEO. IDEO is a global firm that incorporates human behavior into product design. David Kelley says that when they design products, they simply watch people use everyday items. With empathy and intuition the IDEO inventor looks to see when the person grimaces and then the IDEO inventors know how to go to work to re-develop the product to take away the customers frustrations and make them happy.

In my job as a resource, teacher and coach for leaders in ministry, the question that keeps me up at night is: How can I design training, events, and outreach that will encourage, equip, and empower leaders in the mission that God has given them to fulfill?

If I take David Kelley’s advice, I should simple observe what is making you grimace in your ministry or business. But since I can’t walk beside each and every one of you every day (as much as I would like too) I will ask you to answer the question. What makes you grimace?

I believe we will all find your answers beneficial and with these answers we will find a way to design ministry and business that will put a smile on your face.