By Kathy Deuman

I battle my brain almost every day.
The nagging voices are a constant reminder of my shortcomings, my to-do lists, and my comparisons. Not every day to they take much time to retreat. Other days it’s constant. Especially in the silence.

I don’t hear voices. I don’t have faces to the voices. But they are constant.
And I give them room to be heard.

I have control but I continue to battle them in my mind.

I have free time, so I sit. I grab my phone and listen to the voices. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram.

VoicesI have a moment so I pick up a magazine and look around my house and suddenly feel inadequate at what I have made.

See the problem really isn’t the voices.
It isn’t Facebook.

The problem is me.

Because I have control over what I put in my brain. I have control over my thoughts. The thoughts that come in and the thoughts I give light to. The fleeting thoughts of inadequacy can be just that, fleeting. Yet I give them light when I keep my mind on them. I keep my focus on me.

So today I have pumped the worship music loud.
I have sang at the top of my lungs.

Because when I praise Jesus, those thoughts aren’t heard.
My shortcomings aren’t short.
My comparisons are void.

We were made to worship. And freedom from ourselves, comes in worship.

“In Christ Alone
I place my Trust
And find my Glory in the Power of the Cross
With Every Victory,
Let it be Said of me:
My Source of Strength
My source of Hope,
Is Christ Alone.”

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Kathy DeumanMarried to my high school sweetheart. Day time I’m a mom who loves to cook, laugh, and have coffee dates. By night I’m a nurse in a local hospital. I’m a pastors wife with a passion to see souls changed by the power of Jesus Christ.


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