20 Feet from Stardom film still

Winning best documentary at the 86th Academy Awards, “Twenty Feet from Stardom” is a riveting reminder that most great things in life are achieved anonymously.

In a 2013 interview with NPR’s, director and film maker of “Twenty Feet from Stardom”, Morgan Neville said his goal was to bring the voices of background singers, “female, black, and honed in the church – front and center.” Morgan goes on in the interview to say, “I was really more interested in looking at people who were kind of voices for hire, who were able to walk into sessions never knowing what they had to do and could bring it.”

The background singers tell their stories of watching stardom slip through their fingers as others are put in the spotlight. Some chose to take every opportunity to sing while others quit in frustration. Even the knowledge that the background singers are equally if not more important than the star for the quality and success of the music was not enough to convince them. In the end, doing what they loved wasn’t enough to keep the dream alive for many of these women.

What about you? Is your dream to be a background singer? Is your dream to live anonymously? Probably not. Most people, if human, have an innate desire to be seen and heard. A very valid need.

The problem with this need is that it holds our dreams hostage waiting for our day in the spotlight. If we don’t get the lead role, we won’t be in the play. If we are not handed the microphone, we sit idle on the side, waiting for our moment of stardom to come to us.

The Bible calls this burying your talent (Matthew 25:14-30). When you bury your talent, you are bound to forget were you put it. You will go on living life, simply going through the motions instead of experiencing and embracing the gifts that God has given you. If you have been hiding your talent, I wonder if you would consider digging it up and allowing yourself the opportunity and the glory of spreading your wings to fly in the very place, position or season that God has granted you today. Regardless, of the circumstances.

Are you ready and willing to stand twenty feet from stardom and “bring it”?

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