To the hearts of wounded women:

Not necessarily wounded in body…but in spirit…in the soul…in the heart…the mind.  The places where the devil creeps in…leaves his sinister seeds of pain, doubt, worry, worthlessness, loneliness, fear, loathing, fallacy, hate,
anger and resentment.  Then, in partnership with the world he waters the seeds and they grow.  Some quickly.  We see them almost immediately as selfishness, self pity, and self reliance rear their heads.   While others slowly grow, choking out the joy, hope, and happiness in your life.

Now you are lost.  With a faint memory of the good person you once were, or the life you once lived…they are gone.  Just far enough away that the seeds, now with strong roots and hearty growth paralyze you from progress towards a better day.  No…now you are here…centrally located in the life you created in tandem with your decisions, your reckless behavior, your predisposed self-importance.

And with your self-reliant boot straps pulled up as high as they go, you find there is no will left to carry on. 

Stilled by shame, you are in the mush-pot-spot.  No longer wanting to live this way, but are ill-equipped to stop dying…no strength for another battle.  War torn by the deceit of the world and your soul…you are wounded.

A bleeding soul and harried heart can be terminal with no solution.

But…He is here…the Great physician.  To heal your gashes and slashes and gun shot wounds.  To apply pressure…stop the bleeding.  Carrying you to shelter, offering protection and solace…he waits…and watches…and loves.

And it begins.  The breaking down of the branches born of the seeds sown and regrettably fostered.  The tearing down of the barriers to the truth deeps inside your heart where the light glows.  Faintly flickering.  The who you were meant to be.  The who you are in Him.  Together the weeds are pulled, the bushes dug out and the vines stripped down.

Until it can be seen.  First by you.  Viewed by you for the first time in many moons you can feel the glow on your face.  It brings your smile back.  The real one…the “I am loved” smile.  And you know.  You know that the dark forest no longer holds you…you do not take up residence there anymore.

Instead you are a light now.  Bringing a glow to those that share your space and your coffee.  He has brought you here…hand in hand He has brought you here.  Given you the strength to become a beacon for others.  For those in the forest still…that can only see a corner of hope through your rays that shine deep into their darkness.  Uniquely suited to identify their plight…he has empowered you to share his truth.  That they might hear it…and then recognize their faint glow of truth inside themselves.

He saves us…that we might help to save others.

By: Jessica Bonar

The post “To the Wounded Woman”  appeared first on Jessica’s blog The Gravy of Grace on October 18, 2016.

“I am no longer going to let the fear and apprehension of who I’m not keep me from being who I am in Christ.”  This was the turning point prayer for Jessica.  The day she embraced the loud and unceasing promptings that she use her gifts for the purposes of God.  With a desire to share the message of the redemptive power of God throughout the world, she starts with herself as she seeks to be “unabashedly associated with God in all things”.  Jessica lives in Northern Idaho with her husband James and two boys.  They are an active family that enjoys hiking, watersports, fishing, and snow skiing.  They also love to cozy up to the campfire or cuddle up under blankets to watch a good documentary together.

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