By Sandra Guisinger

I sat down today to write about the value of waiting. But as I typed out the entire blog post I realized I really wasn’t saying anything. I wasn’t saying anything I even wanted to hear, so why share it? I am terrible at waiting, but I know how to do it. I know that those moments stuck waiting can be so impacting and I know that life can change during those waiting moments, sometimes more than in the moments of the expected change coming.

So why is this such a struggle for me to write? I believe it is because I am in a waiting period and didn’t recognize it until I sat down to write my grand advice on how someone else should do it.

So here are my thoughts for this week, simple as they may be:

Sometimes Waiting Stinks:
Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing you have to face. Waiting for change, waiting for answers, waiting for growth, waiting for life to be better. I can’t hold still when I am forced to wait. I fidget, overanalyze every look given as people walk by, adjust position almost constantly and struggle with self image more in these waiting times than in any other season.

Sometimes Waiting is Wonderful:
Waiting for a baby or a party or something long expected can be great…as long as you know it’s actually coming. I think it’s the uncertainty that makes it hard. Sometimes the best things happen in the waiting moments. Take for example, standing in line at Disneyland. While the impatient do-er in me just wants to scream as we stand in line, some of the best conversations, people watching and laughter happens with my family in these moments. When I can actually force myself to stop hurrying and engage in what’s happening around me, life is so much better.


Obviously we need to wait at times in our lives. There are moments that we will see immediate answers or results, but much of what we hope for and are working towards takes time. I believe this is valuable time. This is time we should spend enjoying where we are and who we are with. If change was always immediate then we would always be in the struggling to adjust phase and never get to enjoy the stationary moments where life just happens.

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