By Kristen Zuray


Psalm 6 – I am Heard

As I stood staring at the “V” in the road, anxiety gnawed at my stomach. Which path do I take? Both paths led through dense forest impairing my ability to see what lay ahead. Both roads seemed safe enough, but I knew that there was really only one correct one. Which one was it that my Father wanted me to take? Again, my stomach knotted with worry.

Anxiously I glanced behind me. In the distance, I could see the enemy approaching. If I didn’t make a decision soon, they would be upon me. Despair seeped into my soul as I stared back at the two roads.

“Which road do I take?” I cried out into the air.

Silence answered me.

Again, I attempted to call out, “Abba, which road do I take?”

The empty stillness of the air was suffocating.

Fearfully looking back, I could now see that the enemy was no longer a silhoutte against the sun, but colorful details of his clothing and face were beginning to show clearly.

“Abba, why aren’t you hearing me? Where are you? Don’t you see that trouble is coming?” My impatience demanded an answer.


With desperation I cried louder, “Abba, I don’t want to take the wrong road! Where do you want me to go?” Now I could hear the footsteps of the fast approaching pursuer. “Please hurry!”


Doubt was now seizing hold of me whispering, Does it matter which road I take? Just pick one and go for it!

As much as I wanted to run from the pursuer, deep down I knew it would be better to wait for my Father’s instructions. Thud. Thud. Thud. The forceful pounding of footsteps told me that time was about to run out. I turned in time to see a bony hand reaching out to grab me. In a split second another hand, a more familiar hand, tightly grasped the bony appendage and threw it off of me. While the enemy fought back, my protector skillfully wedged his body between me and the assailant forming an impenetrable barrier. It didn’t take long for my Father to subdue the enemy and send him running back the way we had come.

With eyes wide with fright, I stared at Abba babbling, “Why didn’t you hear me calling to you? What took so long? Where were you?”

Holding up his hand for silence, he chuckled, “Whoa! One question at a time, daughter!” Growing more serious he began, “As to your last question of where I was, I’ve always been here. I’ve never abandoned you.”

“But…” I tried to protest.

“Do you want answers or not?” My Father interrupted. I quickly shut my mouth and nodded my assent.

“What took me so long?” Father proceeded, “I wanted to see if you would wait for my answer or try to solve the problem on your own.”

My mouth hung open with surprise. I felt a little perturbed to realize that he was testing me, but at the same time felt relieved that I had obeyed and waited.

He continued, “And as to your first question, why didn’t I hear you? I did hear you. Daughter, you will always be heard, and I will never be late in rescuing you!”

Lord, do not rebuke me in Your anger; do not discipline me in Your wrath. Be gracious to me, Lord, for I am weak; heal me, Lord, for my bones are shaking; my whole being is shaken with terror. And You, Lord — how long? Turn, Lord! Rescue me; save me because of Your faithful love. For there is no remembrance of You in death; who can thank You in Sheol? I am weary from my groaning; with my tears I dampen my pillow and drench my bed every night. My eyes are swollen from grief; they grow old because of all my enemies. Depart from me, all evildoers, for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping. The Lord has heard my plea for help; the Lord accepts my prayer. All my enemies will be ashamed and shake with terror; they will turn back and suddenly be disgraced. (Psalms 6:1-10 HCSB)


Kristen ZurayKristen Zuray has faithfully served in church ministry for 18 years.  Currently, she and her family have started a new ministry to reach the drug-addicted and homeless youth of our cities.  She is an author of four books and speaks at conferences, retreats, and various church events.  She and her husband reside outside Seattle, WA with their four children.