Sabbath Day of rest was very much a struggle for me. Life got in the way with kids, church, events, ministry, birthday parties and such. My to-do list never seem to end. By the end of the day I am wiped out asking God for a break.

As I was praying one day, the scripture in Exodus 29:8-9 came to mind.

The mandate God gives to keep the Sabbath day holy with NO work. My Sabbath was not on a Saturday and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed because there were places to go and things to do.

In my prayer time I told Abba, I want to obey your guidelines you set for me in your word, but how could I possibly do nothing on Saturday?

God’s idea about my schedule did make sense. Things needing to get done. The volleyball tournaments, band competitions, community band parties and not to mention the house work. I was so overwhelmed by the thought.

I felt Abba asking me, “when is your Sabbath day?” I require you to have at least one day of rest in the week, so you do not burn out.

I’m sure we all know quite well the “burn out phase.” I found that Monday’s were the lesser of the days the work load was the smallest, which allowed for that day of rest.

At first I didn’t know what to do. It felt so awkward to do nothing. But I tell you it didn’t take long for me to learn how to do nothing but pamper myself. My day of rest started off with sipping a cup of tea and reading a book before the kids were off from school. Dinner was in the crock pot the night before or early morning and the laundry….well.. that waited until Tuesday.

After a while I began to like this Sabbath day of rest idea. I began to feel refreshed during and after this time to rejuvenate. I took to having a spa day or getting my nails done. Different things each week, but none the less it was a day just for me. My husband started to help out with cleaning the dishes or we used paper plates for us not to have to wash dishes.

There was a difference in my life when I gave myself a day of rest with God. I noticed I had more patience with my family, I was happier, I had more energy, was better focus on my tasks, and I didn’t feel like an unappreciated slave. Yes, I did.. because I didn’t allow myself to have me time, so the lens I was looking through was tainted.

Today I still walk this life of Sabbath imperfect, but I am well aware of that day to give myself my me time. All so often Abba is faithful to remind me of the love He pours out into my life, because He knows just what I need. Sabbath rest is a weekly commitment to myself to have me and God time so I can stay in perspective and be refreshed.

By: Allie Espinoza

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Allie has been in women’s leadership for over 11 years. She serves as the historian on the Bonner County Canopy of Prayer, Woman of Worship area leader, and area woman’s leader for North Idaho for the Northwest Ministry Network Women’s Department. Allie also leads an equipHER group and is a speaker who has a huge passion to  build  women up and help equip them to fulfill their full potential in God. She is currently working on domestic violence and sex trafficking issues in Sandpoint by advocating and bringing women and children to safety, as well as being certified in mental health first aid. 


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