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Sue Timpe

Sue TimpeSue Timpe is an ordained minister and Associate Pastor at Cedar Park Church in Bothell. An organ performance major at the UW, Sue has been involved in church music, choir and productions all her life and currently leads worship at Cedar Park’s traditional service. A cancer survivor, Sue leads a cancer support group and does grief counseling. She is passionate about affirming others of their value in Jesus Christ.



Fewer things remind me of the “seasons” more than working in the yard.  Every season is accompanied by a different set of tasks.  Each spring as the grass and plants are waking up from their winter slumber, I am deluged with the weeds to pull and trimming that is required to get the yard back into shape. Flowers are planted in multiple pots and we enjoy their vibrant color. Yet as summer wears on, I fervently water the yard and plants, only to create more weeding.  I’ve laughed as I’ve learned that “if it comes up easily, you shouldn’t have pulled it, and if it is hard to extract, it’s definitely a weed”. I’ll bet there’s a sermon in that.  I’m also sad when I see that our maple in the front yard is already turning color.  It’s still August!  There’s more summer!

SeasonsThis year has me thinking more and more of the seasons of life.  Having gone through cancer several years ago, I have become much more reflective about life and priorities.  I learned the hard way about not sweating the little things, but prayerfully attacking the big ones.  One of my life’s callings has been to remind others, particularly women, of what gives them their value.  We women are so very caught up in how we look, what we do, and in how we measure up to other women.  (Myself included!) Growing up with an artificial eye set me up as the brunt of heartless jokes and name-calling as a kid.  Anything that makes you different can make you feel less valuable.  I’ve struggled through what every girl does – bad skin, braces, weight problems – but I’ve always loved my very thick hair.  Imagine when I lost all my hair from chemo!  And then I realized – It’s only hair!  It’s not who I am!  Oh, I knew that, but isn’t it great to be reminded? (To be honest, having no hair while being sick from chemo gives you one less thing to think about!)

I used to be in the middle of things at church – always involved in the vocal ensembles, worship teams, productions and concerts. I worked full time and kept very, very busy.  In some respect I am still involved in those things, but it’s different now.  I am 62 years old.  Oh I know I’m not really a senior citizen.  I am still an active member of staff, though my hours are shorter.  Yet there’s a voice inside me crying out – “I’m still vibrant!  I still have much to offer!  I have experience and maturity!  Here I am – over here!”

We are all valuable.  Our value isn’t in our skin, or our hair, or how old we are.  Our value is that we are His.  We are His children.  We are joint heirs with Christ.  I have entered a new season.  God has placed me in a position now to come alongside others with cancer, and those who are grieving difficult loss.

I want the younger ones to rise up and experience their season to the fullest.  I want to see how God can use the next generation to build His kingdom.  What can I do to help them?  I can speak works of encouragement! I can mentor and teach. I can pray for them.

What season are you in? Look for the greatness in that season and be thankful for it.  Ask God how He wants to use you in this season.  How has he prepared you?  Are you able to embrace this season? “For it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure”. (Phil. 2:13)

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