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Today’s Blog Contributor: 

Kristen Zuray

Kristen ZurayKristen Zuray has faithfully served in church ministry for 18 years.  Currently, she and her family have started a new ministry to reach the drug-addicted and homeless youth of our cities.  She is an author of four books and speaks at conferences, retreats, and various church events.  She and her husband reside outside Seattle, WA with their four children. You can find more blogs by Kristen at Coffee With God.


Change – Good or Bad

Change.  A good thing or a bad thing?  For some people, they thrive on change while others struggle to keep things the way they are.  I like change as long as it’s within reason and I can still feel safe in the changes, but these past 2 years have rocked my world!    My husband went from being in full-time ministry to becoming a police officer, and I went from being a ministry leader to an administrative assistant to a leader.  If that upheaval wasn’t enough, God also called us both to start a non-profit for youth in crisis!  I know nothing about drugs, homelessness, or directing/funding a non-profit!  I went from teaching cute little kids in a Sunday school class to walking the trails and talking to youth about drug abuse and Jesus.

DoorsChange.  A good thing or a bad thing?  There were times when I questioned the change.  “God, are you sure you want US to do THIS?”  Taking this step of faith to walk into the unknown did not produce great magical moments, but more like traumatic moments.  We came close to losing our home, we lost our heat and power, cars broke down, our driving became very limited, and fear became the norm.  At this point, I would have said that change was a bad thing, but…..

Looking back, I will say although very difficult, this change was a good thing.  God broke us free from some past things that were holding us back from reaching our full potential.  Almost losing our home and losing our heat during the coldest week of winter, gave us the opportunity to experience what some of our homeless kids face.  Having faced the uncertainty of food, warmth, and transportation created a deeper understanding for them that we otherwise would not have had.  Change also pushed us outside our comfort zones forcing us to grow in ways we never imagined.  I’ve come to the conclusion that change, although hard at the time, is beneficial.  God does promise, that “all things work together for good!”

When change comes knocking at your door, embrace it, don’t run from it!  Don’t miss out on the beauty that God creates through change!

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