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Anh Johnson

10698575_10103500723274398_7888641710291724217_nMy name is Anh and I am the Director of Equip Women’s Ministries at Canyon Creek Church! Basically I get to hang out with women, help build community, and create events where women can gather to worship Jesus. I graduated from Northwest University in 2010 with a degree in Biblical Literature. I I love teaching people from the Bible and I love helping women grow in their personal relationship with Jesus. I believe that when you began grasping the reality of God’s love for YOU then it will change your life.


Our House:  A Blessing and a Curse

This month marks our one year anniversary of homeownership in Everett, WA. We love it here. We love our neighborhood. We love our neighbors. We love the minimal traffic down our street. We love our front yard and backyard! You read it right! We have both and they are a good size for being in the city and not in the boonies! We love our home and our city. We believe that God in His providence brought us to THIS house. In THIS neighborhood. Within THIS city…to do His work. Riley found this house the first day it went on the market. We got in to see this house before there was even a “For Sale” sign in the front. We put in an offer that very day and they accepted our offer that night. We moved in less than three months after starting our search. We were intentional in buying a house where the mortgage would be significantly less than one of our two monthly paychecks. We wanted to be and still want to be good stewards of all that God has given us. Yeah, this house was and still is a blessing. Any homeowner knows that any home comes with its issues and those issues usually cost money. A whole lot of money. BUT nonetheless this house is a blessing.

Whilst this house is a blessing, it is also a curse.

Riley and I always dreamed of our home to be a place where people would gather to experience genuine relationships, genuine growth and a place where believers and non-believers alike will experience the peace of God. God will always be honored in our home. Our household will always honor God. We were and we still are intentional about creating this kind of environment so how could this house be a curse?


-This house becomes a curse when we forget about God’s kingdom because we are trying to build our kingdom in our house.

-This house becomes a curse when we become so inward focused in making our house awesome that we forget we need to be outward focused.

-This house becomes a curse when we get too comfortable. Our comfort prevents us from going out to prayer walk our neighborhoods because the couch is a lot easier than walking around with two toddlers.

-This house becomes a curse when we stop praying “God we will go wherever you tell us to go” and start praying “God we will go wherever you tell us to go…as long as we can go back to our house.”

-Our house becomes a curse when caring for it becomes more important than caring for people. Caring for your home is a stewardship issue and you should care for it but are we spending more money trying to make our house look pretty instead of spending money to feed the homeless, bless families in our community who have needs for food and clothes, or even give scholarship so a teenager can go to a youth camp?

I believe that our house is a blessing from God because we have been able to have so many gatherings here. I have been able to invite so many women here to engage in intentional relationship. The house becomes a curse when we transition from owning our house to our house owning us. When we lose sight that God gave us this house so we can be a blessing to our neighbor but in our sinfulness we use this house to only further ourselves and our aspirations. Our family was a part of Community Northwest before we moved to our house. Community Northwest is an organization that plants teams into apartment communities in our area. Our sole purpose was to create community events to engage our apartment families and create a setting where neighbors can meet neighbors. Being a part of that organization was one of the most missional times of our lives. It was also one of the hardest times. We were doing Kingdom work so spiritual warfare was a consequence. It was worth it. We had to choose to be intentional in our apartment community. Oftentimes we forget to be intentional with community because we like being comfortable.

So how do we stop our house from becoming a curse? Here is what we have learned.

1) Be intentional with building relationships with your neighbors.

2) Get on whatever FB website you can get on about your city and what the happenings of your city!

3) Constantly check yourself before you wreck yourself. Where are you investing the most energy, time and money? The kingdom of God or the kingdom of yourself?

4) Go out into your city to interact with people!

5) Importantly go on prayer walks in your neighborhood! Waging the spiritual battle on behalf of your community is one of the most loving things you can do!

Do not take God’s blessing and turn it into a curse. God gave His chosen people the Promised Land but they squandered it with their own disobedience and selfishness.


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