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Today’s Blog Contributor: 

Melisa Turner

Melisa TurnerMelisa is called to Pollinate Grace in many areas of her life. She is a wife of 21 years, and a mother of 2 fabulously talented and good looking kids! She serves alongside her husband as lead pastors of an Assembly of God church in North Central Washington. She is the facilitator for Blossom Ministries “Preparing Women to Bear Fruit” www.blossomministries.com. She is a team member of the NWMN Women’s Department. She sees women’s ministry; and ministry in general: “In so much as anyone pushes you nearer to God, she is your truest friend.” It is her calling to facilitate spiritual growth in women; To help them be fruitful. To inspire, refresh, and enable them to do the same for others in their lives. It is Melisa’s heart and hope that she spreads the fragrance of Christ wherever she is allowed to minister.You can find more blogs by Melisa at Pollinating Grace.

Following Jesus in Imperfection

eyebrowsI am Perfectionist; which means that if I cannot accomplish something with speed and perfection I am extremely tempted to stop doing it! FOREVER
How does a perfectionist daily follow after Jesus?

Truthfully, it can be messy, emotional and all too often end with throwing one’s hands in the air and running screaming into the river!

In all seriousness this year of 2015 has been a true test of my abilities to stay on task for Jesus.

I have a list to follow – one that helps me fulfill what I know God has asked of me and yet each and every week of this New Year has had a different schedule. “Lord, how can I do what you have asked of me when I can’t even plan a weekly schedule?”

You were chosen to tell about the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. ~ I Peter 2:9b NCV

I am learning to follow Jesus in less than ideal circumstances. I am learning to do the thing in front of me today that I can do. I am learning to leave the rest in God’s hands. I am also learning how to live imperfectly and with accountability, asking for help.

I recently shared these words that express my need to run screaming into the river with a dear friend Jana who keeps me accountable:

“TRUTH…there will always be a non-normal schedule waiting for me on the horizon…I must attempt to accomplish what I have scheduled and not give up…otherwise time will still pass and I will still be frustrated but I will have nothing to show for it.”

“If we don’t turn around now, we just may get where were going.” ~ Native American Saying

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. ~ Ecclesiastes 11:4 NLT

I truly want to do my very best for Jesus but all too often the HOW becomes more important than the WHY. I want to give up because I am waiting for the ideal schedule, plan, and circumstance to accomplish what God has spoken to me. My friend Yana said to me the other day “Yeah, I know… Your lawn mower is broke…so God sends you a goat.” We laugh, but deep down inside I really want the lawn mower fixed. That is the way I planned it on my calendar!

Even though I cannot do everything perfect or complete every task that I begin I am still called to do, to go, to tell, to serve. And God has not changed His mind about me!

God never changes his mind about the people he calls and the things he gives them. ~ Romans 11:29 NCV

When the need to have everything done to perfection begins to consume my walk with Jesus I think of these wise words my 17 year old niece once said to me. She was standing at the mirror penciling in her eyebrows, a skill I do not possess, and I asked her about it. Hanna turned to me and said “I came to the conclusion that they [her eyebrows] need to be sisters, but they don’t have to be twins.”

How can you Follow Jesus imperfectly today?

And please remember:

“The only person who got everything done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe!”