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Today’s Blog Contributor: 

Angela Craig

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I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a minister, a coach, a social justice and non-profit junkie. Not necessarily always in that order. In my role as Director of the Women’s Department at the Northwest Ministry Network, I get to do what I like to do best: create, teach, write, and learn through others. I am also passionate about helping people discover and live out a passion and purpose filled life in my role as a Gallup Strengths Coach and President of the Give Good Awards Foundation. My favorite quote by author Paulo Coelho: “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation” encapsulates my mission in life.

I am blessed with an amazing and supportive husband, Mark, and two boys that keep my life full of adventure (and a lot of sports). I love hiking, traveling, thought provoking conversations, writing, and have been called a bookworm. If learning was an occupation, I would be the first to apply. You can read or share my Bible Study – The Story of Leah…When Life is Not What You Expected it to Be, anytime on Kindle. This past Spring I finished my master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University which launched me into the opportunity to write my second book, Pivot Leader! I can’t resist a big party and would invite the world if they could come.

Hide & Seek

In a 2014 survey, when women of the Northwest were asked what topic needed to be addressed most in 2015, they said: Balance.

Women are competent, creative, purposeful, intentional, compassionate, change-makers, resourceful, giving and so much more. They don’t fit in one box and they wear many hats. The idea of balance in life can seem illusive (I recommend a short blog series titled: The Illusion of Balance that goes more in-depth on this idea). For me, balance always boils down to two things:

Motive and Relationship

Think back to the beginning of our existence – Adam and Eve in the garden. When Adam and Eve ate the apple and God came looking for them, Adam and Eve, ran and hid. When God asked them why they were hiding, they said they were naked and ashamed.

Like Adam and Eve, we hide behind a life of activity, volunteerism, titles, motherhood, work…to cover our nakedness of shame, our desire for acceptance, power, fame, knowledge, or our feelings of abandonment and fear of the unknown.

We hide but God seeks.

BalanceGod seeks to be in relationship with us. To show us an unconditional love and acceptance an imperfect world cannot. To free us from the bondage of our nakedness. God seeks to give us a purpose and a destiny guided by His Holy Spirit –guided by our minute-by-minute communication with our Father.

It is only in intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father that we can have the correct motivation and direction for our to-do lists and our futures. When we live outside of Him, we are stuck in the same patterns as Adam and Eve – running and hiding.

Where ever you are today? I pray that together, we can find new perspective on the meaning of balance in our lives in the upcoming year.

Let’s talk about it:

  1. Can you name one healthy relationship in your life? What are the attributes of that relationship?
  2. Do you find yourself hiding in activity? What kind of activity? What are you trying to cover?
  3. Have you experienced the Lord seeking you? His pursuit of you? Can you describe the experience for others?