By Kelli Best

I was a strange child!  Growing up in Missouri I learned early on to appreciate and fear thunderstorms.  Stormy Saturdays were some of my favorite times, especially in the spring.  On these dreary and darkened days I would lock myself away in my room and organize my closet!  Not the expected response, I understand!  My love for organization and order began then and was largely a result of living with a very spontaneous father and oppositely grounded mother.  Dad would throw a trip together and I watched as my mother struggled to make it happen all at the last minute.  I have since learned to embrace my Dad’s carefree lack of planning and my Mom’s careful planning.

Another organizational marker for me was after I was married and living in Texas next door to an Army drill sergeant.  One day, I found myself needing to borrow something from him.  As I followed him out to his shed, I had no idea the glory that was about to be revealed to me.  Opening the dismal shed, he stepped inside and put his hand instantly on a clear plastic bin that contained the item I needed.  My mouth gaped as I looked around me at the pristinely stationed clear plastic bins stacked floor to ceiling.  Each one was labeled notating its contents on the outside.  He had no difficulty finding the item.  From that moment on, I decided I was going to do things very differently!

Now to my confession, I have many areas of my home and life that are organized and probably about equal that are extremely unorganized.  For instance, I am a recovering self professed pack rat!  Our garage is full of boxes containing memories and mementos that I cannot seem to part with.  This is my summer project!  Do not mistake me for an expert or one with strict or legalistic ideals about organization.  I am just like you, looking for any place I can bring control and order to the chaos of my own life.   This all begins with the realization that I must accept, embrace, and adapt to the chaos of my life in order to take it captive.

Chaos squareFirst, I have to accept that there is chaos and there always will be chaos as this is the nature of a fallen world.

My definition of chaos is a created state of mind that causes confusion and disorients the purpose of the mind.  Practically speaking, the purpose of the brain is to control all bodily functions, however, it also sorts, filters, and categorizes information.  God has given us our own laptop to use for His glory.  When I begin to become overwhelmed by my thoughts, I have to stop and ask myself if I am creating an environment that is breeding confusion and disorientation.  If the answer is yes, then I know the chaos I am feeling is something that I have created and never Godly because I Corinthians 14:33 says that God is not a God of confusion but of peace.

Second, in spite of the chaos around me God is still moving.

He works in and thru me in all ways and in all experiences, including the chaos of life.  He is more concerned about his creation (me) than my circumstances (chaos).  In fact, He could be allowing some of it in order to reveal something to me about myself or I could be creating it by not allowing Him to be in control.

Watch for part two of Taking Chaos Captive for practical tips to embracing the chaos of life.


Kelli Best

Kelli Best and her husband, Bill, have two children; Ashlee and Paige. Bethlehem Chapel in Eastern Washington is their church home where they have pastored since 2009. Kelli and Bill have been married since 1989 and they both agree it feels like just yesterday.  Kelli loves to read, drink coffee, cook and bake. Homeschooling is also a passion, which she has enjoyed for 18 years. Kelli and Bill both graduated from Evangel University with their B.A. in Music Education and their home is usually filled with music. Kelli is the team leader for BONDED Women’s Ministry at Bethlehem Chapel and participates on the worship team. She is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God and plans to become ordained in 2017. — Read more from Kelli at


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