6 07, 2017

Prayer – Turning Our Attention to God

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"Among the important lessons that the spiritual giants can teach us, and on which they have striking agreement, is that we are not likely to experience reality in prayer unless we practice a great deal of silent waiting. Far from prayer being a matter of words, it is often, at its best, freedom from words, since our own chatter can prevent our listening. Important as it may be for us to express our deepest desires to God, much as a [...]

8 09, 2016

Am I a Christ Follower, Following My Calling? Calling Others?

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By Cyndi Pollard   Interesting questions to ponder today! Earlier I was asked if I believed that I heard the call loud and clear from God to be a mother, principal, pastor, or anything for that matter.  Almost ashamedly I had to admit no! I do however believe that I am following my calling, but to be fully transparent, I believe that I stumbled on to it or at the very least someone identified it in me, way before I [...]

12 05, 2016

Survival of the Joyful

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By Kim Martinez Have you noticed that sometimes life is just hard? I’ve been reading the paper and listening to the news a bit more this week.  Our world is spinning in tension.  Life is hard.  In times of turmoil, we have to endure a lot of change, which adds another dimension of stress to our lives.  Consider: We change the way we use money – because there is less of it. We change our schedule because we lose a [...]

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