8 03, 2018

Places & Spaces

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Have you ever said, “I just don’t have a place where I fit.” OR “There isn’t enough space for anything else!”  Most of us have desperately blurted out these phrases while looking in the mirror at our exhausted faces or while thumbing through our bulging calendars.  The desire to have the type of relationship with Jesus we want is often overshadowed by the demands of our schedule. However, many times we manufacture hardships unnecessarily.  Jesus creates places and spaces  for [...]

12 06, 2013

Erasing the Face of Jesus

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During my recent visit to Italy, I had the privilege to visit some 33 churches, museums, monasteries, and castles. An amazing world of beauty, creativity, and passion surrounded me but one thing surprised me. I felt an eerie absent of God’s presence in each church we visited. it seemed that the churches we visited had become places of tourism instead of places of worship. At the beginning of my trip, I blamed my experience on jet-leg and continued to pray [...]

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