11 01, 2018

Tips to Finding Your Word of the Year

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Over the past few years there has been a movement of change in how we view the new year coming in and our focus. For many, New Year’s Day is about resolutions, goals we plan to focus on for the upcoming year. The down side of resolutions is that we often set ourselves up for failure instead of new beginnings. With resolutions we focus on what we need to change, what is wrong, or habits we need to do no [...]

14 01, 2016

Running the Race

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By Charity Rattray When they discontinued that lip color, it was life preparing you. When the holiday edition came and went another reminder. When the chef’s talent in summer so extraordinary that you had a pulse of panic that the fall menu couldn’t compare to the fresh tastes of summer you were learning. When your last baby walked. A hard lesson. When your little girl’s favorite cowboy boots no longer fit, you prepared for it. When that tween, turned into [...]

12 02, 2015


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By Melisa Turner It is the New Year! Some of us see a new year as a fresh beginning; a time to make all things new again. I tend to see the New Year as a mid-way point in the school or fiscal year if you will. The only thing new about it is that everything I just completed in 2014 now needs to be redone! AGH…like dishes and laundry a new year’s worth of duties has begun again! Life [...]

30 01, 2015

Does Anyone Else Gain Weight by Pinning Sweet Treats on Pinterest?

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By Angela Craig Over the holidays a mysteriously thing happened. I gained 10 pounds but didn’t bake or eat any of the sweet treats I dreamed about while pinning them to my Christmas Dessert board on Pinterest. Is it possible to gain weight by merely looking at food? At closer examination, my extra holiday weight probably occurred from the once a day trip to Starbucks for an egg nog latte and the extra Christmas luncheons and dinner parties that are [...]

8 01, 2015

A New Year’s Prayer for You…

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By Angela Craig Reflecting on the New Year upon us, I pray these blessings over you. May you know the power of love, gratitude and forgiveness. May your life be transformed by the risk and perseverance you take to reach your goals and the courage it takes to get up when you fall. May your life be made up of intentional moments of laughter, wonder, adventure, silence and solitude that fills you with joyous memories. May you live your life [...]

6 01, 2015

Talk Tuesday…A Series on Balance (Blog 1 Hide and Seek)

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Every Tuesday we engage in one big question, topic or idea. You are invited to write in with a suggestion you want to share. I surely do not have all the answers but know that together we can generate some great conversation and have fun in the process. (Feel free to post your topics, questions, and your great thoughts in the comments below!) Together, we will stay informed and equipped about topics that matter! Today’s Blog Contributor:  Angela Craig I [...]

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