19 10, 2017


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Ah, those dreaded initials that scream commitment.  Do they make anyone else instantly sweat?  What do they even mean?!  According to Wikipedia , “It is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît meaning 'Please respond'” Many times these initials are at the end of an invitation of some sort be it a wedding, baby shower, or party.  For me, often times they are a source of indecision and stress! An invitation is a request for us to be [...]

12 10, 2017

Hello, my name is…

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Hello!!!  My name is Kelli Best and it is great to meet you!  I wanted to introduce myself to you.  Bill and I currently serve as lead pastors at Bethlehem Chapel in Ephrata, WA.  We have been here for the last eight years.  I serve as the team leader for BONDED Women’s Ministry, serve on the worship team, and help teach the three and four year olds on Wednesday nights.  Bill and I have been married for 28 years and [...]

6 10, 2016


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By Kelli Best Gates, I hate them!  My daughters are 24 and 17, yet I have three baby gates in my house.  Why, because of Piper, our 14 month old lab/pointer puppy.  She has reduced me to a prisoner in my own home.  In an effort to keep her out, I have to lock myself in.  She is a pilferer, so if  an item is not put away or higher than she can reach, it will be chewed to bits [...]

30 06, 2016

Taking Chaos Captive Pt. 3

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By Kelli Best My last two blogs  focused on accepting and embracing the chaos of life.  It is now time to move on adapting to chaos and taking the ideas from previous readings and applying them to daily living. In light of previous information, the next step is honestly asking yourself which of these strategies work for you.  Free yourself from comparison!  Perhaps only one thing has resonated with you.  Take that one thing and customize.  Your personality will dictate [...]

23 06, 2016

Taking Chaos Captive Pt. 2

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By Kelli Best My last blog focused on the fact that there is always chaos in life.  The only way to have order and control of this chaos is to accept it, embrace it, and then adapt to it.  God still moves in our lives when chaos is present, in fact He could be allowing it to draw us closer to Himself.  Once we accept the fact that chaos is around us and allow God to us it, then we [...]

16 06, 2016

Taking Chaos Captive Pt. 1

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By Kelli Best I was a strange child!  Growing up in Missouri I learned early on to appreciate and fear thunderstorms.  Stormy Saturdays were some of my favorite times, especially in the spring.  On these dreary and darkened days I would lock myself away in my room and organize my closet!  Not the expected response, I understand!  My love for organization and order began then and was largely a result of living with a very spontaneous father and oppositely grounded [...]

29 10, 2015

Things Are Never as Bad as They Seem

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By Kelli Best Once when one of our daughters was facing an unfamiliar experience, I gave her a nugget of my vast wisdom.  As the tears flowed, I looked loving in her eyes and said, “Don’t worry sweetheart, things are always worse than they seem.”  At that moment we both burst out laughing!  You see my error.  We have laughed about that as a family since then and even say it from time to time as it has become one [...]

20 03, 2015

The Escape Hatch

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By Kelli Best The first Sunday of the New Year, my husband, Bill, preached a sermon about probability vs. possibility.  He made reference to the coin toss at the beginning of a football game.  There is a fifty percent chance the coin will land with heads facing up and a fifty percent chance of tails facing up.  Kind of a risky way to begin 2015! His text for this particular sermon was Luke 5:17-26 and revolved around the paralytic man [...]

20 11, 2014

A Stone to Remember

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- Kelli Best It was one of “those” times. A time we would rather forget; one that despite our recovery, we choose to ignore. No one is immune to experiences such as these. Painful occurrences can be of our own choosing, other times we are blindsided by the choices of others. Nonetheless, they happen and we are left with the aftermath of pain and brokenness, doubt and fear, guilt and shame. Then Jesus comes! He bandages our wounds and tends [...]

6 11, 2014

Dress What You Got and Make it Hot!

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By Kelli Best Well, my birthday is this week! Now, this isn't a shameful way to prompt well wishes, although I will gladly receive them, it’s just that I have been thinking. Birthdays are just numbers, or really accomplishments. This week, I have achieved the number 48 and it doesn't scare me one bit! Oh, I realize I have now progressed to my “late” forties, but who cares! Well, actually, I do! Like most women, I have yet to attain [...]

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