22 06, 2017

I am a Women of White Privilege…

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I am a woman whose heart seeks justice, equality, and dignity for every human being. Over the past few months though I have felt my voice go silent as I became paralyzed by the continued acts of violence and discrimination enacted against my African American friends, Hispanic sisters, and Muslim neighbors. The divide seems to be widening and the fear intensifying as people take their corners. In my silence, I have taken action. In my silence, I have decided to [...]

31 05, 2017

Looking at forgiveness straight in the eyes and saying, yes, “I surrender to Love”

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Each month at equipHER, women of all ages and backgrounds come together in community to follow Jesus. We are invited and challenged each month by a new discipline. In the month of May, we were invited and challenged to examine any offense and unforgiveness in our lives and walk through the steps of forgiveness together. Struggling through the hurts, the pain. and the pride, we have victoriously come through to stand in the freedom and peace of forgiveness. In today's blog, [...]

29 09, 2016

Redemption Isn’t Natural

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By Jessica Bonar   I know that people find God through many avenues…which I find is meaningful and fulfilling. We each arrive exactly how we need to at the feet of Jesus. My husband has a degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies. He and my off-the-charts-intelligent son arrive at God intellectually. Through a beautiful maze of the mind that allows their hearts to know unequivocally that there is a God. That Jesus was the son of God. [...]

19 11, 2015

43 & Free – The Fox and the Harvest

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By Brenda Franklin-Strout Today is my birthday…I’m 43…and determined this to be my year to walk in freedom and victory.  I’ve spent the last nine months intentionally working on my “stuff”….only to acknowledge that I’ve been a work in progress all along. These past months have taken me on a journey that brought me to healing my guilt and shame, the wounds of the past and setting me and my marriage on fertile ground that has been planted with great seeds that [...]

4 07, 2014

Tip of the Day…Freedom for All!

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  Today we celebrate FREEDOM! Independence Day or 4th of July as we call it is based our countries belief that every human being has the right to freedom, liberty and justice. One of my favorite declarations of this belief is found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Words to honor and live by. May your 4th of July and every day forward be filled with freedom, justice and peace! Happy Independence Day!

24 06, 2013

Tired of reading between the lines…simply answer, yes or no!

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How often in relationships do you find yourself trying to read in-between the lines? One of the most valuable gifts I ever received was when a friend noticed my need to read in-between the lines and she said, “Angela, I don’t know what relationships you have with other people, but with me, I would like our yeses to be yes, and our noes to be no.” In that moment, I felt absolute freedom. Freedom from the responsibility to be a [...]

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