4 02, 2016

Have You Lost Your Focus?

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By Kim Martinez Imagine you are Joseph (the guy in Genesis).  As a young boy, God spoke to you in a dream.  Then, just to make sure you had the picture, He spoke to you in a second dream – this one even bigger than the first.  God told you that you would see your siblings bow down to you. Now Joseph wasn’t just one of 12 brothers.  He was the next to the youngest, and the first born of [...]

23 06, 2014

3 things I learned from a mouse in a barbeque…

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The weather has been phenomenal here in the Pacific NW. Last week at baseball practice we were having a barbeque to celebrate our All-Star kids. A friend and I pulled the old barbeque from the field shed. As we were chatting, I opened the lid and to our surprise, a small innocent mouse leaped into our sight. We both screamed and I dropped the lid, swiftly backing away. Our screams lead to laughter as all the kids came running to [...]

13 05, 2014

I have a dream but no one believes in me…

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  Tuesday Talk is about YOU… Every Tuesday we engage in one big question, topic or idea. You are invited to write in with a suggestion you want to share. I surely do not have all the answers but know that together we can generate some great conversation and have fun in the process. (Feel free to post your topics, questions, and your great thoughts in the comments below!) Together, we will stay informed and equipped about topics that matter! [...]

14 02, 2014

To my Daughter-In-Laws…Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Yes, it is true, my sons are ages 12 and 14. And no, they are not married. But someday they will be. It might even be to your daughter, so you may want to keep reading. My children will tell you that I have a singular focus on the development and encouragement of the calling of girls and women. “What is wrong with boys?” they ask. “Nothing.” I say. Boy, are incredible. I am blessed to be the mom of [...]

10 01, 2014

The Fire and Ice of my Dreams

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There was something evoking about this picture the first time I saw it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it; it drew me as I wondered what had been inside this ice blanketed building that caught on fire on January 03, 2014. Dating back to 1882, The Waterman Opera House of Plattsmouth, Nebraska stands blanked in ice. The rays of light shining through the broken out windows seems an odd contradiction to the destruction that lay at the heart [...]

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