11 08, 2016


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By Julie Anderson   They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Not this picture. This picture is a fraud. I’ve never been shy about calling it what it is. I can’t tell you how many clients have looked at this picture as we’ve discussed their fitness goals and declared…”THIS is what I want to look like.” I replied every time, “No, you don’t” and followed it with the truth behind this picture. You see, just moments before this picture [...]

2 01, 2013

Most Read Blogs of 2012 – Its all about success and body image

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Last week on a trip to New York I was reading an article from Alina Tugend’s Shortcuts column in the NY Times. Tugend looked back on the year of 2012 to see which of her columns had the biggest impact on her readers. She found that the overwhelming response and comments were received for an article she wrote about success and the endless pressure people feel to “be – or at least appear to be – successful, exceptional, and happy” (Tugend, [...]

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