By Kathy Deuman

I have this friend who asked me a few weeks ago straight up “Kathy have you been in God’s word?”. Through the response of tears obviously the answer was no.

Almost 2 weeks my beloved Bible i hold dear was on the floor of our mini van.
Unless however someone needed to put their feet there, i would move it then.

It’s important to be in the Word.
That’s not what this blog post is about.

friendshipThis friend took it upon herself in a moment which the Holy Spirit meant to happen and spoke up into my life and reminded me of the importance of time in the Word of God. She reminded me that my life is founded on the principles there.
She reminded me the anxiety swirling around in my head would cease to take over my day had my mind been rooted in God’s word.
She reminded me that the interruptions i see as annoyances would change into moments where God meant for them to be more than an interruption.
She reminded me God’s not out to get me, he surely wants to walk beside me.

Calling someone out brings life.
Sometimes Repentance.
And often times relief.

I have had friends tell me things before and wrap it in “iron sharpens iron” nudge nudge “Just had to tell you”.


When truth is not laced in grace and the timing of the Holy Spirit it sits gross on the tip of our tongue.

If we ourselves aren’t daily rooted in the truth how can we spur others on to grow in Christ?
We can not.

I so deep down needed Sarah to reach out that day and say “where have you gone?”
I so needed someone to say “This isn’t you.” Get up.

Friendships rooted in the grace and truth of God and timed with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit are life changing.

Life changing friendships bring truth.
Bring grace.
Bring life.
Bring relief.

Relief is my word this year.
The word i’m focusing on.
Finding my relief in people is not gonna happen.
Finding relief in food is no more.
Finding relief in conversation unpleasing to God is no more.
Finding relief from this swirling mind is a daily process.
Finding relief in my husbands walk with God and riding his coat tail is no more.

Relief comes through surrender to Jesus.
He is all the relief I need in this world.

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Kathy DeumanMarried to my high school sweetheart. Day time I’m a mom who loves to cook, laugh, and have coffee dates. By night I’m a nurse in a local hospital. I’m a pastors wife with a passion to see souls changed by the power of Jesus Christ.


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