By Jessica Bonar


I know that people find God through many avenues…which I find is meaningful and fulfilling. We each arrive exactly how we need to at the feet of Jesus.

My husband has a degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies. He and my off-the-charts-intelligent son arrive at God intellectually. Through a beautiful maze of the mind that allows their hearts to know unequivocally that there is a God. That Jesus was the son of God. The he was the Messiah.

Others arrive mathematically…through an exhaustive search of the possibility that all of things that have occurred throughout history, throughout prophecy in the Bible, even the precision in the writings of the books of the Bible itself with more than could be random chance and coincidence…they find with certainty that God IS.

I have arrived there too…at the feet of Jesus like so many others. For me it is through the redemption I found, that could only be from above.

god-saysSome would argue that people get what they deserve…sooner or later. If that were the case I would not be here today. Not only alive, but healthy in mind, body and spirit. Happy even! Blessed beyond measure. This transformation, this truth, this life, is only possible because of the true redemptive nature of God. Redemption isn’t natural to us…grace and forgiveness are learned. We teach them to our children. We consciously practice them with those around us. Mindful and ever arriving. But for God…he offers it…generously and without hesitation. Even at the beginning of time when he chose to create us, to breathe us into life…he knew that he would have to send his son to redeem us. And he chose to continue with the creation process. He loves us that much…seeks a personal relationship with us in all this, on all days, through all behaviors.

There was a time that I would fear that the other shoe would drop. Things would be going well and I would be feeling happiness. I would suddenly have a wave of fear rush over me…like it was all going to be stripped away from me at any moment…and if it was…I deserved it. Because life did not suggest that people get second chances…or thirds. Life said, “You made your bed…now you gotta lie in it”. But God said…you are free in me, loved by me, and redeemed through me.

Today I know that I have a life I don’t deserve…but believe me I will take it! And I do not fear losing it…instead I lean into it. Giving God glory in all things, for he is the giver of all things good. Redemption isn’t natural. My redeemed life is proof of a supernatural God to me. That is how I arrive at the feet of Jesus.

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Jessica Bonar“I am no longer going to let the fear and apprehension of who I’m not keep me from being who I am in Christ.”  This was the turning point prayer for Jessica.  The day she embraced the loud and unceasing promptings that she use her gifts for the purposes of God.  With a desire to share the message of the redemptive power of God throughout the world, she starts with herself as she seeks to be “unabashedly associated with God in all things”.  Jessica lives near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her husband James and two boys ages 15 and 7.  They are an active family that enjoys hiking, watersports, fishing, and snow skiing.  They also love to cozy up to the campfire or cuddle up under blankets to watch a good documentary together.

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