Those moments that change your life, that make you feel loved. On October 1 I was in the hospital. Visitors could only come between 7 and 8 pm. Angela Craig graciously came to visit me. I was in need of a visitor and needed a momma’s touch. You see my mom was 4 hours away and unable to visit. As I poured my heart out, Angela at one point grabbed hold of my hands and just loved on me. She held tight for at least 20 minutes. She warmed my heart, she filled a need and she loved me at my lowest moment.

Two days prior my friend Brenda came to visit. She didn’t know me well but she came as a favor to my mom. She came in with fuzzy slippers to keep me warm and a huge hug. She didn’t care about my short comings or that I was sitting in a mental health facility. She poured time and love into me.

Other came as well, like Marla and Joddi-Jay who covered me every day for weeks after my release. They made sure I was sleeping, eating and taking my meds. They went out of their way to take care of me when I was weak and unsteady.

These moments and a million others throughout the last 31 years come flooding my mind. People loving people even though they are broken, scarred and sometimes downright unlovable.

In the book of acts we see Barnabas choose to love the newly converted Paul. Paul had been the worst of the worst. He’d persecuted the people of God… yet here he is claiming Christ. No one trusted him but Barnabas took a chance on him and it paid off.

People loving people. We can choose to love others even those who seem unlovable. We can give them a smile, a handshake, we can show up when no one else is willing. God created us to love others, to take a chance on them, and to show them the love of Christ.

Barnabas took a chance on Paul and because he did Paul became one of the most known writers and Apostles of the New Testament. His ministry will forever live on because God and Barnabas took a chance on him.

We are loved by God who is the ultimate lover. What does He ask of us? He asks us to only love Him whole-heartedy and to love others as ourselves. It’s pretty simple, love God and He’ll equip us to love others.

Who are you taking a chance on? Who are you loving beyond measure? You never know the impact you can have on someone’s life.

Who has impacted your life? Who has gone above and beyond to love on you? Who is one who has changed your life forever?

Be people who love Christ. Be people who love people!

By Katie Rogers

My name is Katie Rogers.  I currently live in Yakima. I serve others by working at DSHS and participating on the NW Women’s Team. 




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