I heard God’s call to women’s ministries, literally an audible sound, at age 15. At such a young age I remember being unsure what this call meant. I soon learned that little girls are just women who haven’t grown up yet and I have taught every age group that has been offered to me. I married my high school sweetheart and followed him into his own ministry, so I am also officially a Pastor’s wife. We have two amazing teenagers!

In the fall of 2002 a Melisafriend encouraged me to host a women’s retreat which became the birthplace of Blossom Ministries. Blossom Ministries exists solely to facilitate spiritual growth in women. The opportunities to Bloom Brave abound within this ministry to women. Each year Blossom hosts a Spring Bazaar to bless our community and encourage the God-given talents in those we invite as vendors. We also publish a newsletter three times a year and continue to host that famous Fall Women’s Retreat. Women’s Ministries to me can be summed up with this quote “Anyone who pushes you nearer to God, she is your truest friend.”

God has grown in me the ability to speak, teach, preach and write about His word and to challenge others forward in their relationship with Him. …God uses us to spread his knowledge everywhere like a sweet-smelling perfume. ~ II Cor. 2:14b NCV

It is my hope in the not too distant future to publish my first book But God…A Doctrine of Hope. This book is a reminder to us of God’s character and the truths in His Word that we can choose to live by when we partner with Him in a relationship through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Along with being a wife, mother, and Blossom Ministries director I also currently serve on two women’s leadership teams for the Northwest Ministry Network. I am a member of the Women’s Ministry Department Leadership Team under Angela Craig and the Alongside Pastor’s Wives Team under Debbie Cole. I am also thrilled to be a newly Ordained Minister with the Assemblies of God.

My life’s path looks organized with hindsight but truly God did all the planning and I simply followed as best as I could. My husband and I married at age 19 and then were called into ministry a few years later. We struggled with infertility and yet God blessed us with two beautiful children with no outside help or explanations as to the delay. Blossom Ministries would not exist if a friend hadn’t insisted I host that first retreat and follow my call. Truthfully, years would pass before I quit praying “God is this still what you have for me?” and just accepted my place. All the other achievements and opportunities were simply offered to me by others obeying God’s prompts, even the book I am writing is based on a Word God spoke over me at a Women’s Retreat in 1999.

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