By Dee Kamp

While the details of our daily life are different, all who approach God in prayer will from time to time question God’s silence.

The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.” Habakkuk 3:19 NIV

hold onWhen the minor prophet Habakkuk asked God for what he needed the most he still didn’t hear or feel God’s response in any way. But Habakkuk discovered assurance and satisfaction when he realized what God really wanted to give him―it was God Himself.

In those dark hard days of my own personal sorrow when my son died, there was a song which played continually on my car radio. It’s by accident, I thought, I never listen to this radio station. But before I could reach for the dial and change the channel the words of this particular secular song would be playing and it would captivate me by its words of courage and hope.

It’s clear to me now that this was God’s divine appointment for me. He used this song to encourage me when I needed it the most. When I heard the words of the song, “Keep on- keep holding on”, I would find my thoughts turning to God every time.

As the music played I would lift up my hands to heaven and in my heart I would see the Lord reaching down taking hold of me. I felt His reassuring presence reminding me I was never alone, He would be my strength.

It will cheer the heart and bring us joy when we remember to look back at the times God gave us strength when ours failed, and feet like a deer’s to climb those mountains we face. And sometimes He will send us a new song to lift us up reminding us to keep on- holding on.


Dee KampDee has been a writer for more than fifteen years when she first began writing a popular bi-monthly article for a county newsletter from her adventures at the Beaver Valley store, called “Life in Beaver Valley”. Dee Kamp is remembered best from her years working at West Puget Sound Youth for Christ in Poulsbo, Washington. Dee and her husband Bill have been married 38 years and are both now retired making their home in Port Ludlow and traveling in their motor home as much as possible.  They have four children, eight grandchildren, three great grandchildren.  Dee and Bill have been active members of the Bayside Community Church in Kingston for several years where she is active in women’s ministry and speaking to small groups in her community. Dee’s first book “His Word-New Every Morning” was published with three reprints and is out of print now but a new inspiration short story book is available titled Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow. Dee currently has an active blog called: where she posts her inspirational messages and true life stories.