By Debbie Parsons

Sometimes we get so busy helping others we forget to take care of ourselves. We forget to schedule out time to relax and enjoy each day. We let busyness squeeze out our time with the Lord.  When we don’t take time with the Lord it doesn’t take long for our spiritual cup to empty out, and we quickly feel like we have no more to give.  We end up feeling empty and dry.

That is the way I have been feeling for the last month. We have been in ministry in the Pateros, Brewster and Methow Valley area in the North Central part of Washington State since the beginning of May.  We love our work and enjoy helping others, but sometimes we have to work long hours and some of our work can be stressful.  We have made some very good friends here also, but we miss our friends and family and we really miss our home church.  Ever the outdoorsman,  my husband, Terry misses the trees and elk the most.

We made a special point 3 weeks ago to go home to Newport, Washington and Priest River, Idaho (they are about 5 miles apart across the river from each other) so that we could attend our church picnic. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and  loved being home and attending our church.

We have not been able to find a church to attend regularly in the Pateros area.  We had tried several and they just did not fit. So we felt like we were on the verge of spiritual starvation when we arrived home.

Coming Home – The freedom to worship, the message and the fellowship all in one package.

We love our church family.  We have attended Pine Ridge Community Church for about 5 ½ years. The Lord brought us there just after we moved to Priest River Idaho. It took a bit of adjustment for us because we kept comparing the church to our old home church in Raymond. We had attended there for almost 30 years.  We still love our Raymond church family and enjoy our visits there, but being gone from Pine Ridge for the last 4 months has opened our eyes and shown us that Pine Ridge has finally become our home church. We know that God brought us to this church for a purpose and reason. We have spiritually grown and matured at this church. God has equipped us for ministry at this church and our Pine Ridge Family has sent us out into ministry. They also, welcome us with open arms when we come home for a visit. When we come home, it is as if we haven’t really been gone.

Last Friday we were able to come back home for a long weekend. We were invited to stay at a friend’s home. On Saturday,  Terry and some friends went golfing, while my friend and I went to a WOW- Women of Worship day retreat in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho.

One of the speakers was my friend and mentor Cindi White.  It was a great day of refilling our spiritual cups and resting and restoration.  One of the ladies who prayed for me said that when I was overwhelmed or stressed to just breath, to breath in God and relax.  Later in the day we sang a song called Great are you Lord. One line in the song says “you are the breath in our lungs so we pour our praise”.  Later in the afternoon there was another time of prayer and  lady named Cris had a word for me, she said to breath in God and trust him.  5 different ladies spoke into my life that day. Confirming that I am to embrace each thing that happens while we are serving in Ministry, because they could be God ordained encounters. I am to breath, relax and trust God in every area of my life.

The next day, Sunday School and the Sunday morning service at Pine Ridge “just happened” to tie in with the message from Saturday. Our God is so good. He had the whole weekend planned.

So I am happy to report that my cup is full, I am breathing and trusting God. We are back in Pateros and ready to serve and trusting God to direct us.  Setting time aside each day to pray and spend time with the Lord. I will not be letting a day go by that I do not sit back, breath, praise and trust. I will be daily looking for God encounters. People who might be sent my way for God’s specific purpose.

We will also renew our search for a church to attend regularly here in the area. We will be careful not to compare churches, but to be open to where God wants us to attend.

I know that several of my friends in women’s ministry have recently moved and are trying to find the “right “ church.  I am praying that God will point you to the church you are to attend,  that you will not compare and that you will find your place in ministry there.

Watch Great Are You Lord (Breath in our lungs) here!


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