By Allie Espinoza

I thought to myself, I have to get back up and dust the dirt off my shoulder.


It was harder to put this very thing into action after times of being hurt.

In my prayer time with God I would ask,

Daddy how do I get up again?

How do I begin to walk the path you have set before me? I know you are there, though I feel so inadequate and judged. How do I do this, yet again?

As I was praying I heard, just put one foot in front of the other and I will do the rest.

My mind said: “Ok, I can do this.”  But after almost a year had passed and I just couldn’t get myself to do the very things I knew I had inside.

I struggled with the urge to write again, blogs, teachings, stories, and I had so much

inside, though……….

Complete nothingness came.

There was a nothingness that flooded my mind like the static on a television set.

What good can come out of this mess?

There is always a reason why we go through what we go through. God in His infinite wisdom knows the deepest things within our hearts, minds, and souls.  He wants to see what we do with offense, hurts, setbacks, and even the failures.

How can we get past the persecution or setbacks?

Acknowledge what happened

Don’t go into denial thinking the thing that happened did not happen.

Accept it and go from there.

Start asking God these questions: What is God saying to me through this circumstance?

What does God want to teach me from the circumstance?

God is always looking to grow us and mature us in ways that do not make sense. DIG IN!

Put the situation in context

What is the full story?

Do not let the enemy have power and control over your emotions from what the truth of the matter is.

It is when we look to people for answers and approval that we get hurt. Hurting people hurt people.

I have hurt people and I cannot say I won’t in the future, because my perception of the situation is one-sided. God sees both sides and into the heart of the matter.

Many things are done from the brokenness of our hearts because our views could be skewed from past pain and trauma.


I know, WHAT?

Yes, we need to forgive those who have hurt us, lied to us, and broken our heart. Whatever the case may be, we still have to forgive.

God says to forgive not seven times, but seventy-seven times (Matt 18:22).

In Luke 6:37b God says, “Forgive and you will be forgiven.”

Throughout my life in and ministry, I have been hurt by people which caused me hold on to the offense and withdrawal from them.

But, I know I had to do my part in the healing process for myself.

You cannot begin to heal from the circumstance until you forgive those who trespass against you.

Look for positives in the persecution or setbacks?

When life’s situations that devastate us come and go, one thing still remains: God!

I have a saying and it goes like this….


“We live before an audience of ONE.”

The ONE that matters, the all-seeing God who knows the end from the beginning.

Isaiah 61:3 – God will give a crown of beauty for ashes.

These setbacks in life whether at church, work, or home will mature us and grow us closer to Him. Esther was brought before God in the darkest hours of her and her people’s lives. She drew closer to God and God answered her prayers. She was prepared to be the queen. A year of preparation took place beforehand.

Keep moving forward into your destiny!

You are who you are in God by the abilities God has created you with from the very beginning.

Psalm 139:13 – For God has made all the delicate, inner parts of our bodies and knit us together in our mother’s womb.

Luke 12:7 – God knows every hair on your head; do not be afraid for we are worth more than the sparrows.

Do you not think you are what God says you are?

The enemy wants to usurp that of which is in you because, you are a threat to the kingdom of darkness-

Notice I did NOT say you are a potential threat!

You ARE a threat to the enemy.

We are children of God!

God has given authority over the enemy because Jesus already paid the price by His shed blood. By the Blood of the Lamb of God which poured down Calvary cross, we are that of who God says we are! If we could grasp who we are and recognize our God given abilities, we are less likely to be usurped by the enemy.

The enemy will quickly try to dismantle us from the very beginning using the trauma of being unloved by adults growing up, abuse, fear, rejection, unmet needs, and shame, just to name a few. Believe me when I say, the enemy WILL use any of these tactics to keep us from rising up into our full God given potential.

Begin to ask God, who you are in Him? What is the great potential He has already planted within you?  Ask God to help you recognize this potential that lies beneath the surface of those lies the enemy has created in place of the truth, of who you are.

Ephesians 3:20- Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.

Ephesians 2:10- For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepares beforehand, that we should walk in them.

Romans 8:37- We are more than conquers through Christ Jesus.

Let’s Pray…

God, my infinite Father who loves us unconditionally. Who knows the beginning to the end. Lead us in the path of righteousness and truth in you. The enemy could distract our path at times and we could be knocked off our horse, But Daddy, we are going to get right back on that horse.

I pray anyone who is struggling with fear to rise up or feels they have something, but it just will not come out, release their voices into the freedom in you. I speak freedom into the hearts, minds, and souls of your people. Cause them to be ready in season and out of season; for the enemy seeks those whom he may devour. Lead them to the cross daily.

Cover them with your love and peace as they go through out their days. Bless their homes, ministries, and their work places. Bless everything they put their hands to.

By the Blood of the Lamb of God I bless them.

In Jesus name Amen

Allie EspinosaAllie has been in women’s leadership for over 11 years. She serves as the historian on the Bonner County Canopy of Prayer, Woman of Worship area leader, and area woman’s leader for North Idaho for the Northwest Ministry Network Women’s Department. Allie also leads an equipHER group and is a speaker who has a huge passion to  build  women up and help equip them to fulfill their full potential in God. She is currently working on domestic violence and sex trafficking issues in Sandpoint by advocating and bringing women and children to safety, as well as being certified in mental health first aid. 

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