By Sarah Means


I love being home.  Sure, I enjoy people, and really do love being around friends and family.  But, there’s something special about home.  Anyone with me?

HomeMy home is where I really, truly live.  There’s an old saying, “Home is where the heart is.”  It’s embroidered on pillows and penned on canvasses.  But let’s take it a step further – My heart is where Jesus lives.

It’s a beautiful thing to feel at home in your surroundings.  Which leads me to wonder how much I make Christ feel at home in me.  Does He have the room to move around, without the clutter of sin or harbored hurt?  Yikes – no one likes coming home to a messy place.

Can He enjoy my heart, take pleasure in the relationship of knowing me?  The Bible tells me He wants me to abide in Him, and Him in me. So, if I want to come home to a restful, simple and honest environment, how much more would He want my heart to reflect the same?  He asks me to give Him my heart, allowing Him to do the deep cleaning and build communication that encourages me to just be me.

If you would, join me in a simple prayer, from our living rooms all around the world to our sweet Savior, who clearly needs to be on the throne of our hearts!

“God, help my heart be a place that’s at peace, full of integrity and truthfulness.  I want my heart to always be Your abode, because I’m the most comfortable when I’m with you.  Thanks for sweeping away messes, without shame, and bringing beauty into my life.  You’re the best friend I’ll ever need, and you are my home – for eternity.”

Sarah Means 2Sarah Means is a 36 years old mom and wife who lives in Springfield, OR.  She has been married to her husband, Trevor, since 11/11/2000 and has one son, Isaac, born 12/11/01.  She has been active in ministry since a very young age and has a deep desire to see the Christians grow to love God more and in turn love others with a greater passion.    Along with Trevor, she has been active in ministry roles including youth pastor, young adult directors, big event coordinator, women’s ministry leader and everything else in-between from making popcorn to stacking chairs.  She is now pursuing her Assembly of God ministerial license as she believes that this is the next step in obedience to Jesus.  She is walking through every open door, trusting God to lead.

In April of 2015 she started an online ministry via Facebook, Women of Worth Ministries, with 30 ladies.  God has grown this ministry to over 3,500 women from around the world, and now a website is developed as well:  She is excited to see her blogs impact women to become bolder and more authentic in their daily life to reach their immediate world for Jesus. 

When not working as a lending call center manager at a local credit union, blogging or being involved in ministry she loves to spend time with her family!  She enjoys shopping, coffee, new socks and laughing!  She is known for posting on social media, using #iamlivingablessedlife, as she believes she is – and we all have the blessings of Jesus in our lives if we take time to see them!  She is honored and excited to be involved in all God is doing within women as they draw near to Him! 

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