I met Jennifer about 25 year ago at work. The first time we met she asked me, “Have we met before?”. It was the start of a wonderful friendship. Through the years she became more as an older sister than a friend.

She had told me a story of how she gave her son up for adoption. As a single young woman, she felt that adoption would give her baby boy a better chance at a great life. She has never married and never had any more children. I always prayed that he would find her someday. Her hope is that he would.

Fast forward to 2014.Gaylene 1 God had been dropping in my heart that I should share my story at a She Leads event. I had been on the leadership team for a while and worked with some awesome leadership. I have always felt a little intimidated around educated, ordained and others with much more training than me. I had felt my heart being stirred to tell My Story.

I almost didn’t speak. I almost dropped out. Satan attacked me saying, “You don’t have any business telling your story to anyone.” Once I shared with my sister in Christ. She told me to stop listening to that! God has prepared me for this! Good word. I went forth with strength.

She Leads conference went well. I spoke on how God used me to pray for another friend and how God used me to get her through some tough years. My talk was based on I am an Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary God. I know God has a plan and a purpose for me.

In February 2016, one of other speakers at the She Leads conference sent me a private message on Facebook. She remembered my talk and had filed me in the back of her mind. She had a very personal matter she wanted to discuss. About a friend of hers and a possible birth mother.

I knew only one friend, who had told me her story of giving her son for adoption.   During a phone call Angela told me that they believed Jennifer Gable was her husband’s birth mother.

Corey wrote a letter to Jennifer and I delivered it. When we went to lunch she started with “Have I got a story for you!” I looked at her and said, “Well, have I got one for you!!” I can’t begin to explain how blessed and humbled I am that God allowed me to be a part of this reunion. That God used me in a powerful way to reunite mother and son.

Last weekend we had a bar b que with Jennifer, Corey, Angela, Molly and Morgan. Jennifer became a mom, mother in law, and grandmother in an instant.

Being obedient is not always easy but so worth the outcome! If I wouldn’t have shared my story at She Leads, I wouldn’t have met Angela.

Share YOU! We have an extraordinary God who can use your stories of your life in ways you can never imagine!

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