By Angela Craig

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It was a cold winter’s night before Christmas. The wind wrestled with the trees as the rain beat the ground like the little drummer boy beat his drum. I was on my way from my last appointment of the day to pick up my kids for their afternoon activities. Racing the clock to get the boys to their activities on time, I decided to avoid the Christmas shopper’s traffic and take the back highway home. Little did I know the traffic lights were out for 12 miles on the highway causing a full on traffic jam. Unfortunately, once I had chosen that path, there was no going back. I was in it.

I tried to adjust my attitude as I waited that night in the blackout. This was a great opportunity to learn something…I hoped. I turned up the Christmas tunes and prayed that God would increase my patience, which I felt slipping away as traffic remained at a standstill and the minutes slipped by.

Finally, an hour later, on a route that would normally take 15 minutes, I came to the last light before I would be home free on the highway to my house. I stopped and as I took my turn to go through the light, the blackout ended and the power turned the stop lights back on. Everyone behind me got the green light to GO!

Although I knew God didn’t turn the lights out to teach me patience…I baulked at the coincidence of timing. Oh well, I was on my way now…very late but on my way.

UNTIL…I came up upon the car in front of me. They were driving 35 in a 55. I thought to myself, “Maybe they are getting ready to turn soon.” Or “Maybe they are looking for a street address.” Or “Maybe they don’t like to drive in the rain.” The longer they were in front of me, the more annoyed I became. I was thinking things I would be embarrassed to write in this blog (so I won’t). Then as quickly as I thought them, felt guilty for thinking such mean and insensitive things. But as the miles racked up and my blood pressure rose my irritation trumped my guilt.

I thought I better ask for God’s intervention before I started flashing my bright headlights at the person in front of me… or worse! “God, help me to understand why this person is driving so slow?”

Just as I uttered that prayer, I noticed that my headlights seemed to be the only light on the road. The second thing God brought to my attention was the fact that the car in front of me did not have working windshield wipers. My heart sank. No wonder the driver was driving so slowly; they couldn’t see. At that point, I gave up trying to guess why they were driving a car that wasn’t safe. God gave me compassion instead of irritation and impatience.

Jesus came on a cold and dark winter’s night to bring peace and joy to a broken world. He wants to hand deliver that peace and joy through you and through me. Love, true love which brings peace and joy is anything but annoyed, impatient, and judgmental.  We bring peace when we seek to know and understand each other. We can bring peace to others when we are patient, kind, humble, quick to forgive, giving, supportive, loyal, hopeful, encouraging, and trustworthy (1 Corinthians 13). All of which are only possible through a life lived with Jesus.

This Christmas, may the treasure of Jesus bring peace and joy to your heart on a cold winter’s night.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

With great love and joy,

Angela Craig and the NWMN Women’s Department Leadership Team

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IMG_8145 squareI am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a friend, a writer, a minister, a coach, a social justice and non-profit junkie. Not necessarily always in that order. In my role as Director of the Women’s Department at the Northwest Ministry Network, I get to do what I like to do best: create, teach, write, and learn through others. I am also passionate about helping people discover and live out a passion and purpose filled life in my role as a certified Coach and President of the Give Good Awards Foundation. Devoted to helping others reach their fullest potential in life and leadership, Angela has authored two books, The Story of Leah: When life is not what you expected it to be and Pivot Leadership: Small Steps – Big Change (in stores July 14th). You can read her weekly blog encouragements and leadership tips on and on, a blog specifically designed for women in leadership.

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