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Thursday brings a rush of dirty dishes and piled dirty and clean laundry. Our house has been second, an indicator that our lives have been full of fast paced living. A household with two jobs, swimming lessons, church things morning & evening and nights just spent recouping on the couch.

I’m not sure where to start this morning. Laundry or kitchen. Or the bathrooms. Or the upstairs or downstairs. Or maybe outside in the garden beds.

When I get overwhelmed time freezes. I sit in a chair and stare out the window. Jason will usually say “Kath start here..” And then I get to moving. He is not easily overwhelmed by life. He is steady and calm. A true anchor for many.

Driving home today the words “set your anchor deeper” kept coming to mind.

My anchor is set in Jesus Christ. Yet I feel an unsettling in my spirit and a little tossed about the past few months. I know the reasons. The worldly & spiritual reasons. But I don’t like being tossed around. I know Jesus will steady me. I have been waiting for the calm and peace to wash over me. But nothing comes.

This morning I just couldn’t pray for details anymore so I spent time thanking Jesus for his faithfulness in our kids lives. In our marriage. In my work situation. In our church. In new believers.

Then the words “set your anchor deeper” kept coming to mind.

Yes Lord.

I have dug it deep.

I have set it there.

I have found a secure place.

Leave it there.

Seems to set my anchor deeper in the Lord, it first must come up.

I first must bring it up from the ocean floor, ride the waves, and find deeper waters.

I’ve been a little tender this past month. Maybe even fragile. I think it’s because I brought my anchor up, relied on myself and forgot to reset my anchor.

Life can do that.

It can be distracting and pretty soon you are off course and wondering just how you drifted so far from security.

So today I set my anchor in deep waters.

The anchor of truth.

The anchor of God’s Word.

The anchor of Jesus.

The rush of tears comes and I think that makes Jesus happy.

A bare heart,  anchored deep.


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Kathy DeumanMarried to my high school sweetheart. Day time I’m a mom who loves to cook, laugh, and have coffee dates. By night I’m a nurse in a local hospital. I’m a pastors wife with a passion to see souls changed by the power of Jesus Christ.


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