Rising early one morning, unable to sleep, I crawled out of bed and tiptoed downstairs. As I walked past the breakfast nook window, I stopped to view the beautiful and unexpected sight before me. The full moon, in all its brightness, shone like a marquee; puffs of big white clouds surrounded the moon like a frame and highlighted its beauty. The mountains in the background completed the picture. I stood in awe.

Closing my eyes, expressions of praise and thanksgiving spilled from my mouth to my Creator God. His wondrous strokes of beauty in the morning sky reminded me of His eternal presence. In the
stillness of the morning, the ‘picture’ shouted out Love. What a special gift to start my day!

When I opened my eyes, shock stole my peaceful thoughts. The moon had disappeared. During my brief moment of silent praise, fog enveloped the scene and hid all the beauty I just witnessed.

In that moment of surprise, I heard a whisper in my heart “Is it not still there?” The thought startled me. The question, like an invasion of privacy, begged for a response. “Yes, I said to myself, “the moon is still there, I just cannot see it anymore.”

God reminded me how often my walk with Him resembled that scene. Many times, His presence resonates within me, directing me. Those shining moments bless and encourage me. Other times, I cry out for Him, “Where are you? I need You to show me the way. I can’t do this alone.” He seemed to whisper to me that day, “Am I not still there?”

What a powerful reminder of His daily presence! Now, when I go through struggles or heartache and see no visible answers to my prayers, I am often reminded of that early morning scene and the soft whisper, “Am I not still there?” and I say, “Yes, just as the moon and clouds were still in the sky, hidden by a blanket of fog, You are still near me.”

My heart calms; I remember to leave my concerns in His capable hands, knowing that He is always near.

While this life lesson occurred years ago, it continues to pop into my mind during difficult times and remains a source of strength to me. In these current tumultuous times, we can all stand strong together in God’s ever abiding Presence, whether we can see Him or not; whether we feel His Presence or not, He still whispers those same words, ‘Am I not still there? Am I not still with you?” Be encouraged today, knowing His Word says, “He will never leave us or forsake us”. Hebrews 13:5 (NKLV).

Written By Barbara Todd

“Used by permission from Christian Devotions Ministry” (A shorter version of this lesson appeared in www.chrisitandevotions.us last year.

Barbara Todd moved to Red Rock, Texas in 2014 after living in Snohomish, WA for over 25 years. Both she and her husband of 47 years, now retired, enjoy gardening, swimming, traveling, and raising our mini donkeys. Having written and shared her Life Lessons with friends and groups for many years in a casual manner, she looks forward to how the Lord will lead her in her retirement years as she continues to share an encouraging word.

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