ImageHow to Love your Crazy Family: 52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days, by Angela Howard is just that…out of the ordinary. It is not the typical devotional book or daily read that you see right now collecting dust on your nightstand. This book tackles real everyday problems, questions and family dilemmas, illustrated by (laugh until water comes out your nose) home baked stories of Angela’s own family joys, trials, mishaps, and lessons learned.

One of my favorite things about this book is the structure. It is divided into four sections: No Ordinary Parenting, No Ordinary Marriage, No Ordinary Life, and a Bonus Chapter called, Holding Out Hope for Happily Ever After—Even with Bipolar – the personal and triumphant story of Angela and her husband, Michael. Each day of our lives lends itself to a different question, challenge or life lesson. Having the book divided into categories has helped me to grab hold of the advice I needed for the day I am in. The storylines are antidotal and will encourage you to take the next step towards a life of faith, love and joy.

You will find, How to Love your Crazy Family: 52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days a joy to read and a great gift to give. Masterfully written, perhaps Angela’s true strength is her gift to bring the mundane days of living into brilliant color, passing along her life motto: No more ordinary days!